Shanti Seva Nidhi (SSN)

Shanti Seva Nidhi a public charitable trust was formed by promoters of Technocraft Group in year 1994 with the view to develop technology in India, to run educational institutes, for medical assistance, to arrange social and cultural events, to help and support measures for total uplift of human personality physical, mental and spiritual.

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity Technocraft group through Shanti Seva Nidhi (SSN) has setup a state of art Technical Education Centre at Pasheni Village, Murbad Taluka, Thane District, about 90 km from Mumbai. Campus is 10 acres of lush green landscaped plot with academia, hostels and staff quarters. In 2010 SSN tied up with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) Bengaluru to bring the esteemed Institute in Maharashtra for the first time.

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF)

NTTF - an educational foundation established in the year 1963 is the living symbol of Indo – Swiss co-operation; aimed at promoting purposeful Technical Education for the youth of India. The seed was put in place at Thalassery (Kerala) in the year 1959. In its mission, the Foundation was actively supported with generous assistance from the Government of Switzerland, HEKS (a Swiss NGO) and Swiss Development Co-operation ( a development agency in Switzerland). The Foundation implements its program of Technical Training through more than 20 Training Centres located in various States across India. NTTF assists industries, through its special collaborative initiative for producing quality manpower, by establishing training centres in partnership with industry associations.